My Dog Is Lacking In Social Grace(s). What Can I Do?

Swimming season is ending, the leaves are changing to fall colors. Time to get ready for more time indoors. Have you thought about honing in on addressing some of your dog's bad habits? What do you do with your dog during the long cold winter months?

The PWDCTC is happy to offer a Manners and Manners in a Multi Dog Household workshop. How does your dog handle the door bell ringing? A visitor at the door? A guest arriving for your dinner party? Katina Stamp of Twin Cities Obedience Training Club (TCOTC) has agreed to come have fun and enlighten us with some training strategies to improve our dogs' manners.

Katina started training her dogs and friends & families dogs over 20 years ago. This led to a long-term relationship with TCOTC for the past 13+ years. Katina has led puppy play, and socialization classes in TCOTC obedience program, and puppy agility. In addition to classes, Katina has provided in-home training, working individually with families to develop and help them attain their personal goals with their dogs. Also, she has been the featured speaker for the Gunflint Lodge during their dog weekends offering a variety of workshops for their guests. In addition, she has trained and trialed her own dogs in various sports and earned titles along the way. Manners has been a priority for success with her high-drive dogs. Katina lives in a busy group-home setting with her husband, 4 home-schooled daughters, and their Labrador, as they happily participate in all life has to offer.

Even the best trained dog in the obedience, rally or agility ring may demonstrate some behaviors at home that are undesirable. These behaviors may be multiplied in a multi-dog household. Please join us in learning new strategies in helping our dog/dogs to be well respected members of our families.


Saturday October 14, 2017


1:00pm - 3:00pm


TCOTC - Twin City Obedience Training Club
2101 Broadway Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413





Lots of HIGH VALUE treats, a clicker, a crate and a mat, 6 foot cloth or leather leash (no flexi’s allowed), and a water dish.

Registration Deadline:

Tuesday October 10th, 2017


By contacting Deb Scofield or Stacy Runkle

Following the workshop will be a General PWDCTC meeting at 3:00pm.