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Conformation is the fancy name for dog shows, where dogs compete in the show ring and are evaluated for how well they compare to their breed standard, which describes the physical and temperamental ideal for the breed. Dogs compete to earn points toward their AKC Championship. To become a champion, a dog needs to earn 15 points. 

The number of PWDs you can expect to see in the ring varies depending on the type of show, the area of the country, and the size of the show. No matter the size of the entry, seeing PWDs competing in the show ring, with their proudly carried tails and lively movement, is an exhilirating sight. 

All-breed and specialty dog shows are wonderful venues for learning about PWDs. Listings of upcoming shows can be found at dog show superintendents’ sites; Jack Onofrio Dog Shows,and Roy Jones Dog Shows, sponsor the majority of the shows held in MN. Their websites will provide a list of upcoming shows and, about a week before the show itself, will include links to judging programs which will tell you what time and in what ring the PWDs will be judged. Breeders and enthusiasts attend dog shows throughout the year- they are great places to make introductions and ask questions. Folks are generally more available to do this after their dogs have been judged; before that, most are occupied with getting them ring ready. The AKC’s A Beginner's Guide to Dog Shows provides more information about the intricacies of the show ring.

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