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Activities are important for the well being of PWD; the natural working ability, adaptability and intelligence of the Portuguese Water Dog were demonstrated by the efficiency with which they completed the complex tasks that were part of their historical role. The dogs were invaluable members of the Portuguese fisherman’s team. The Portuguese Water Dog today still retains these qualities – an affinity for swimming, strong retrieving skills, plenty of stamina for a long day’s work, and an intensity in performing the task at hand.

What better reasons could there be for engaging in a variety of activities with your PWD? Daily walks and games of fetch are great fun, and PWDs love when they have a job and get to participate in activities that exercise mind and body. Today's dog sports, competitions, and activities provide PWD’s with outlets for their remarkable drive and intelligence. The capable minds and agile bodies of these ancient swimmers readily take on different tasks, but training a PWD is not without challenges. Gifted with an innate sense of humor, PWDs will often interpret tasks in their own unique way! 

Today PWDs participate in a wide range of activities, including Agility, Conformation (dog shows)ObedienceRally ObedienceTherapy, Tracking, and Water Work. There are also PWDs who train and compete in other areas like herding, draft, freestyle, flyball, hunting and carting. A few very special PWDs are FEMA certified in Search and Rescue, and other PWDs are trained service dogs.

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